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There is nothing like being absorbed in a good book. I like being lost for hours in a bookshop. I delight in the sensorial experience of fingering through the pages of a traditional printed book, the smell of the pages with pictures and texts that move me, that communicate what I care about, what I find interesting and what I value in every area of life.


My eyes have also been opened to the benefits that quality multi-touch eBooks can offer. I like the thought that I can easily carry hundreds of books in my pocket and have accessibility “right here, right now”.  


Multi-touch interactive digital books can also enhance a message, engage the reader and unlock the learning experience for children and adults by stimulating multiple senses with audio, illustrations, animations, film and interactivity.


I also appreciate that eBooks use very few natural resources, saving trees and helping reduce pollution from the pulp mills as well as avoiding packing and shipping.


So on the subject of traditional books versus digital books, for me one does not rule out the other, but instead they complement one another based on the function they fulfill in a person’s life and how efficiently they fulfill that function. 

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