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Babies respond well to high contrast colors and shapes.
These multipurpose DIY High Contrast Activity Pages can be used in combination with "My First Look Book" (tap button below). They are designed to stimulate multiple senses, encourage the development of fine motor skills and inspire learning.
Including high contrast activity cards and "How To" instructions demonstrating 10 different ways the activity cards can be used to stimulate the senses and inspire learning in babies and preschooolers.
Downloadable in A4 and Letter PDF format. 
Free Printable High-Contrast Activity Pages



High Contrast Activity Sheets - A4 format

High Contrast Activity Sheets - Letter format

Free PDF Digital/Printable - Early Reading Book



Rosie Rabbit and Her Cat from the Let's Read With Rosie Rabbit Series can be downloaded for free and used as a digital eBook or printed out as a paper book.


Introducing budding readers to phonic alphabet sounds in English and teaching how to blend sounds of letters to make 'short a' vowel words, as well as becoming familiar with other words that are included on the reading pages.  

Once equipped with the necessary know-how, it becomes fun to move on to the reading pages and begin to read. Each reading page also contains an animated video that makes it possible for young readers to choose to see and hear the story if they wish.


Free PDF ebook or printable: available for download at Teachers Pay Teachers' Cheriebooks Store.

Also available below as a multi-touch eBook for iphone, ipad and Mac at the Apple Bookstore. 

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